Entries by Bill Leigh

Barnstorming Hegel H600

The H600 is just now hitting the dealers in the UK and surprising quite a few of them with just how good it is. A replacement for the H590 it is quite difficult to explain just how good this amplifier is. When the H590 was released in 2018 it was new territory for Hegel. Now […]

My Audio Show Calendar

One aspect of being a high-end audio distributor is the visits to audio shows around the UK and in other countries. Following the end of the covid restrictions and the resumption of travel the number of such shows seems to have grown and it isn’t now possible to do them all. Given this year has […]

NWAS is back!

Following on from the recent successful return of the High End show in Munich, the audio show calendar is filling up nicely. Now for Auden Distribution our focus turns to what is our favourite UK event, the North West Audio Show. Over the weekend of 18th and 19th June some of the finest audio companies […]

Another excellent Nico EVO review

Following on from the review in Hifi Pig, Steve Dickinson has auditioned the Nico EVO on behalf of Hifi+ magazine.  The model is the standmount in the Artisan range from the Memphis based company but not designed just to fill a gap before the floorsatnders, it has been designed to be the best standmount it […]

EgglestonWorks Artisan arrive in U.K.

Auden Distribution is excited to now have the EgglestonWorks Artisan series available for demonstration in the UK at selected hi-fi dealers. The Artisan models bring EgglestonWorks hand crafted excellence and reputation to a price level normally associated with mass produced products. Just as with those well-respected higher end models in the line-up, the Nico EVO, […]

V10 Hifi+ Review

The latest issue of highly regarded HiFi+ magazine features a review of the Hegel V10 phono stage. This is the latest in a series of positive reviews for the product from many quarters, this one being from respected long term reviewer Jason Kennedy. You can read it via this link  V10 HIFI+192 Hegel_LR  They should […]

Hegel gets into the groove

Hegel have announced their latest product, the V10 phonostage. Designed in house from the ground up rather than using off the shelf components, the V10 is pure Hegel and utilises some clever and bespoke technologies. Just as with the award-winning Hegel amplifiers, everything is designed and engineered to make the music sound as good as […]

Amphion wins another award.

The highly respected UK magazine HiFi+ has awarded Amphion Argon 7LS the award for Best Floorstanding Loudspeaker up to £10,ooo. This is a great award to receive and illustrates what good value the 7LS is at £4000. Thanks to the staff at Hifi+ for the honour, you can read the citation here.