Barnstorming Hegel H600

The H600 is just now hitting the dealers in the UK and surprising quite a few of them with just how good it is. A replacement for the H590 it is quite difficult to explain just how good this amplifier is. When the H590 was released in 2018 it was new territory for Hegel. Now playing in a new area of the market it did a great job and showed that the brand can play at higher levels than the well loved H360. Then when H39o was released I was a bit troubled by some comments in the press about it being almost as good as the H590. Listening to the 2 models as the heart of a good revealing system proves what I always knew, the H590 was massively better than the H390. I get that a H390 might be all the amplifier you need, we must also remember very few people have bottomless pits of money so you get the best you can justify financially. However the “save your money and get the H390” narrative in some quarters was completely misguided in my opinion.

Having said how much I rated the H590 it was quite the surprise when I heard how much better the H600 is. Performance is way better than it’s price point suggests and I would not like to guess how much you would need to spend to equal it, let alone better it. I have yet to find a loudspeaker it does’t drive and grip, combine this with an ease of power delivery and an understanding of the subtle nuances of music performance rather than smacking you between the ears and you have a fabulous product. Barnstorming when needed, subtly beautiful when needed, and everything in between. Superb.

There a number of reviews around and the latest from the kind of sums up my thoughts.

If you want to audition the H600 or any other Hegel products the UK dealer list is here

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