Luphonic Turntables

A new addition to the Auden Distribution portfolio, we are excited to be launching Luphonic turntables at this years’ North West Audio Show.


The brand first caught our attention at the Munich High End Show in 2023, the design language is refreshing, in keeping with the simple Scandi type we like, and it fits perfectly with the other brands we handle in the UK. There is also a novel but effective speed change puck on the H2 upwards.


Hand made in Germany they feature an interesting and unusual combination of materials. The body of the deck is formed using cellular rubber sandwiched between layers of Corian to minimise vibrations and isolate the various components. The headshell is Polyamide embedded with glass spheres, ensuring a low weight of 6.3 g. It is also rigid but doesn’t transmit vibrations from the cartridge as much as some other materials such as aluminium.


All models include the Luphonic K2 tonearm with prices ranging from the H1 at £2900 to the R3 reference with 12 inch tonearm at £5750. The pricing includes the Hernat Gold audiophile interconnect from Audiomica and excludes cartridge.


We will have all 4 models on display at NWAS and plan to use the R3 reference fitted with the 12 inch tonearm in the big system in the Bell Suite. Playing through the Hegel V10 into the H600 amplifier and Amphion Krypton3X it will sound excellent. The H2 will feature in room 121 as the source for the Hegel H190V and Amphion Argon comparisons dem.


Fast light and fluid, Luphonic turntables sound great and look distinctive and stylish, a change from the usual brands in this space, we are looking forward to the first UK public dems at the show.

Over the next few months we will be establishing distribution through our existing network of retail partners. Visit the Luphonic website for more details.