Recently we exhibited at the North West Audio Show, our favourite of the UK show calendar.  Auden had our usual room, the Bell Suite on the lower ground floor and we used it to showcase all the brands we work with and to re introduce EgglestonWorks to the UK.

The main system sounded tremendous, sitting on Lateral Audio stands the source was a 4 piece digital powerhouse kindly loaned to us by Auralic, Aries G2.1, Sirius G2.1, Altair G2.1, Leo.

This fed via XLR into the Hegel H590 which did a marvellous job of driving the loudspeakers, most of the time it was running at volume level 50. The H590 was a substitute as we originally planned to use the upcoming P30A and H30A combo that was shown at Munich High End. Unfortunately, logistics (they got lost on the way back to Norway) prevented it. The change of amplifier didn’t compromise the system in any way, it still filled the room with great sound and was working well within it’s capabilities. The H590 is a terrific amplifier and the big room we use at this exhibition allows us to properly show it off.

The loudspeakers, were EgglestonWorks Viginti, this was the first time they have been shown in the UK and they didn’t disappoint. Beautifully hand crafted, they created a rock solid soundstage and filled the room effortlessly. Partnered with the H590 the bass was deep, tight, and well controlled and the mid and highs never got aggressive or tiring.

As usual we used Audiomica cables for the interconnects and the loudspeaker cables. They really do let the system flow in a time coherent way that no other cables I have tried can do.

The power block and cables were MusicWorks, once again a key part of the system and a staple of Auden systems at shows. Just like the AudioMica cables, they free the system of much unwanted noise and sort out the timing and so form the foundation of a great system.

In Room 203, a small bedroom, we had another great system, albeit at a different level to the one in the bell suite. It was a Rega RP8/ Apheta 3, feeding into the Hegel V10 and the H120 amplifier. The H120 is one of my favourite amplifiers, even though the spec wouldn’t suggest it, there is a big step up in performance from the H95. Combined with the V10 it makes a great vinyl playback option.  The loudspeakers we used were Amphion Argon 1, a perfect match for the Rega/Hegel. They present such a full sound even at moderate listening levels they are ideal for many situations. In other systems I have had them a crazy levels and they are extremely capable, I really rate the Argon 1. Again we used Audiomica and MusicWorks as we always do and the result was a great sounding system

Overall we enjoy the relaxed vibe at this event compared to other UK shows, the hotel is a nice place to be for both the exhibitors and the visitors, and we get to play music on a great system.

Here is a link to a video of our rooms at the show.

Thank you if you visited, if you didn’t, hopefully you will make it next year if you can.