North West Audio Show

We will be at the North West Audio Show on 24th and 25th of this month showing off a few of the brands we are working with and one or two product debuts. A pair of  the excellent CAAS Audio Elysian 100 mono blocks will be driving the system, these are well worth hearing as the guys at Inearspace found out when they had them for review.

The Amphion loudspeakers will of course be there including the latest Argon models the 7LS, 3LS and 3S. I’m hoping to have a surprise product but am just working out the logistics.

The interconnects and loudspeaker cables will be Audiomica, we’ve yet to hear anything better.

MusicWorks will be providing the system furniture, mains block and cables, and PEEK isolation. You may have heard the PEEK cones and they will be there again, but I will also be using a new product form MusicWorks. If you haven’t heard how PEEK can transform the performance of a system come and have a listen, you’ll be surprised.

The source for the system will be the Merging Nadac Player, kindly loaned to us by Ultimate Stream.

It is free to enter the show, it is in very nice surroundings in a lovely part of the world, come and see us and have a listen.

Auden Distribution at Bristol Sound and Vision Show

Auden Distribution had a demo room at the recent Bristol Hifi Show. Music Works and Amphion were the focus of the system, and powered by Accuphase electronics the Argon 3S sounded fabulous. Music Works provided P-ReVue table, Reflex mains block, Music Works power cables, and PEEK isolation. Interconnects and loudspeaker cables were from Audiomica Laboratory.  The sound was absolutely fabulous and showed what can be done in a hotel room, no need for the “it’s the room” excuse.