High grade power supply

Sbooster create power supply and signal Plug & Play upgrade products for audio and video devices such as network music players, headphone amplifiers, D/A converters, turntables and video enhancers.

Suitable for practically all products in the audio or video chain with an external PSU. I first came across the company when I added an Sbooster to an Aria mini audio server, the improvement was fantastic. Lower noise floor, more dynamics, the whole thing was so much better, a very worthwhile step up in the musical performance.

The popularity of wallwarts, particularly on lower priced music and video streaming products, but not exclusively so,  gives an opportunity for a modestly priced significant upgrade.

The Sbooster product is available at different voltage outputs to match your equipment and can be enhanced further by the addition of the Ultra upgrade. Considering the importance of some of these products in audio and video systems this reasonably priced upgrade is well worth considering.

More information including the latest compatibility charts is available at the Sbooster website.

We are currently building the Sbooster dealer network in the UK, if you are a dealer wanting to get involved or a music lover looking for more information please Contact Us.

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