High quality Italian digital audio design

M2TECH produce a versatile range of digital products, designed with the music lover in mind. The evo range starts with the well known HiFace high value usb interface and DAC models, a lot of tech for not much money. At the other end is the EVO Phono DAC Two, a DAC, ADC, Phon stage, and pre amp in a tiny well made housing. In between is a DAC/Pre, digital to digital interface, power supply and a system clock that most of the products partner with. Added together they produce a well specified system at a reasonable price, all in a small form factor.

The higher range of products gives us a DSD DAC/Pre which on its own is excellent but when partnered with the add on power supply forms a formidable pairing.M2

Overall there is a product for pretty much any digital audio requirement, all built to a high standard in Pisa, Italy.

More information is available at the M2TECH website

We are currently building the M2TECH Network in the UK, if you are a dealer wanting to get involved or a music lover looking for more information please Contact Us.

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