“The CAAS trio is one of the most musically engaging and resolving amplification systems around”

Jason Kennedy Hifi+ issue 154

Designed and engineered from the ground up in Yorkshire, CAAS audio is a high-end audio brand making a name for itself amongst the many highly regarded and respected brands to have come from the UK. Using many exclusive technologies developed by the team at CAAS the range is composed of a sever, sever/pre amp, pre amp, and a mono block power amp.

The trick they have pulled off is to not let the technology get in the way of the music. The pre amp and pre/server are both constructed from a solid block of finest grade aluminium which is machined to accommodate the electronics, the mono block amplifiers follow the same design cues and the whole thing looks stunning as a system.

The server/pre has a custom designed android control app which is very user friendly, there is also a free iPad app. The unit also has nicely developed intuitive web interface so you can also control the server/pre using a PC if you prefer.

The pre is a dual mono preamplifier with dedicated transformers and power supplies for the left channel, right channel and digital sections. There is a high quality yet simple remote control for fine adjustment of playback level and input.

The mono block runs in Class A mode up to 20 watts into an 8 ohm load. If extra power is required the Elysian 100 will seamlessly move into Class A/B operation and deliver over 100W into 8 ohms and 200W into 4 ohms. At normal listening levels this means the amp is usually in pure Class A mode.

Overall it looks good, sounds excellent, and it is beautifully made here in the UK.

More info is on the CAAS audio website, or if you are a dealer wanting to get involved, or a music lover looking to audition the product please contact us here at Auden Distribution.


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