The Best Audiophile Cables You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.

I first came across Audiomica in one of our retail partner’s stores, and the cables really impressed with the way the music was being presented. The whole thing was hanging together in a way many systems do not, and whilst the other system components were all excellent, the cables really allowed them to shine.

No sweetening or smoothing off the higher frequencies, no artificial bass lift, all the leading edges in the right place at the right time, truly excellent stuff. Then the big surprise came when I found out the price, not inexpensive but amazing value.

In addition to the many good cable companies, the HiFi cable and interconnect industry is full of performance claims and counter claims, hype, clever marketing and some would say smoke and mirrors.

What struck me about the Audiomica cables is that like the other products in the Auden Distribution portfolio, they just get on with it. Allowing you to enjoy the music is what they are about. The brand is not well known here in the UK, but it certainly deserves to be, and I believe it will be.

There is a lot more insight and information on the philosophy and design techniques on the Audiomica website.

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