Since 1998 Amphion has been designing and manufacturing loudspeakers, which are insensitive to problems of room acoustics. Innovative waveguide technology and controlled dispersion enable you to hear more of your music, and less of your room.

Loudspeakers, the one area of the audiophile industry that seems to be constantly producing new products and in a sea of quality offerings it is difficult to be distinctive enough to stand out. However when I auditioned the Argon1 from Amphion, it did just that, both sonically and visually.

Detail, insight, controlled bass extension beyond the expected, presented together in a clear and cohesive soundstage. All these descriptions are applicable but the most important attribute they possess is an ability to let you in to the music in a way that keeps you wanting more. No harshness, no artificially enhanced bass, it all just sounds right.

Ed Selley in HifiChoice 436 wrote “Above everything, there is a real sense of emotion to the way that the Argon 1 reproduces music that engages the listener beyond accuracy alone”

The industrial design is clean and modern, the finish options extensive, including colour options for the grilles, allowing them to either make a statement or to blend in as you wish.

To many audiophles, the aesthetic appeal of a product doesn’t matter, but to many others it does and the versatility Amphion offers can cater for most demands.

After being so impressed by Argon1, I was keen to hear if the other models were as good. No need to worry I was just as impressed by other models in the range as they all share the same excellent qualities.

They sound and look great, are very room friendly, and priced reasonably. The perfect loudspeaker? That doesn’t exist but Amphion will get you very close to the music as the studio engineers envisioned, very close indeed…

More information is available at the Amphion website.

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